About me        


Animals, especially dogs mean very much to me since I was little. I’ve always felt deep connected to our four-legged-friends, that’s why I began to take care of different breeds, when friends or acquaintances of mine wanted to go on vacation.


In summer 2015, I’ve spent a few weeks in Vancouver, Canada, to work at an animal shelter.

This experience was just priceless, I made a lot of unforgettable memories and my time there taught me, to appreciate the little things in life, that's when I realized, that I really want to spend my life working with dogs.


So I decided to pursue my passion and turned it into profession. It was very important to me, that I need to acquire some more knowledge about dogs, before I start looking after them. I started an education as a professional and certified dog sitter in Vienna and in June 2017 I passed my exams successfully.


Through my training, I gained a lot of new skills and know-how about different matters, like interpreting the body language, diseases, stress behaviour, first aid and many other things. Every now and then I visit various lectures, so I always get the latest information and I’m able to improve my knowledge about dogs more and more each time.


In March 2020, I started another interesting education and through that I've learned a lot about the right kind

of food for dogs.

In November 2020 I passed the exam with excellent success, so I'm a professional dog nutritionist now as well.